Enchanted Anthologies Presents Mirror, A Dark Fairytale Anthology Red Queen by R. L. Weeks Things take a strange turn as Elise finds herself amongst some of the craziest minds in Wonderland. Queen Anne will stop at nothing. Elise won't rest until she finds out the truth. Find out how Elise became the most feared Queen in all the lands. Weaver's Curse by Jessi Mcpherson There's a tale told of a curse. A tale of darkness and of hate but it more than a tale. It's a warning of what could happen. What will you give? Is your soul for Sale? If you call on the Weaver it now belongs to Hell. The Empties by Lorah Jaiyn Dack watches the Empties, waiting. One by one he stalks them, until he catches them alone. They have a small window to take his test. If they fail, their life of luxury ends as they become one with the swamp. This goes on for weeks. His careful, invisible nature gives authorities nothing to go on. Then he runs into Tabitha, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. When he gets her alone, he hopes for magic. Is she real, or just another Empty? Lamia's Tower by K. L. Bone All know the story of the alluring maiden imprisoned in the tower by a foul enchantress, yet none who have attempted a rescue have ever returned. Now, the valiant Prince Henri prepares his own attempt; yet the task proves a formidable challenge. A spell looms over the tower, trapping the legendary beauty within while repelling any who would dare enter. The Twisted Tale of Saffron Schmidt by C. J. Laurence Saffron Schmidt loved her life - the perfect balance between modern day living and small, old town survival. The story of her community's beginnings always bothered her, and when she's faced with being the traditional sacrifice, she confronts the task head on, fighting. But she never expected to be thrown from her plans, nor for the truth to be stranger than fiction. Unbirthday Riddles by Erin Lee Alice knew she was dealing with all kinds of crazy after falling down the rabbit hole. What she didn’t know, between their silly brainteasers over tea, was that the Hatter and Mad Hare—the craziest of them all—had dark secrets. Twin Flames by Zizi Cole Gwen thinks she is a regular person until she meets Caspian. The attraction between them burns bright and fast. Can they overcome all obstacles to be together? The Kidnapping of Lilith Black by A. Maslo You've read Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but you haven't heard the real story. Lilith Black has been kidnapped by the dwarves and is biding her time to get her revenge. More than just a metaphor, the seven deadly sins are hard to resist. But with Lilith, payback can be a real bitch. Will Lilith get her revenge, or will she succumb to the seven little demons? Burnt to Cinders by J. V. Stanley It is customary to eat the ashes of the dead; the ancient belief of acquiring the powers and memories of the deceased. After Cinderella spends years being slighted and abused by her stepmother and stepbrothers after the death of her mother, she finds herself with two souls. When one soul takes over, Cinder seeks her dark revenge by killing all who stands in the way of her Prince, even if it means killing him too. 425° by Mila Waters Gretel thought the witch long dead but visions of a burned hag plague her dreams. Turning to Hansel for help, she discovers something much worse is coming. When tragedy strikes, she must fight the coming evil before everything she holds dear is destroyed.

  • Livre de Reliure: Paperback
  • Catégories: Book
  • Editeur: Independently published

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